#WorkoutWednesday: Back Day

Happy Wednesday Day All!

As a college student, I am counting down the days until winter break starts! This semester has been good to me, but I am ready for new classes and a different routine. However, even with my academic rut, my workouts have been on point lately! Check this one out below!

3×10 Pull-Ups [Warm up — Can Use a Resistance Band to Add Assistance if Need Be!)

4×10 Barbell Rows

4×12 Wide Grip Lat Pull Downs 

3×15 Wide Grip Seated Rows

3×12 Close Grip Lat Pull Downs 

3×15 Back Extensions [Weighted or Unweighted]

What did you workout today?

Talk soon!

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 10.52.50 PM


#WorkoutWednesday: Killer Shoulder Workout

Happy Wednesday All!

I started off this week with a killer shoulder workout! Check it out below:

4×8-12 Military Presses (increasing weight)

4×12 Seated Lateral Raises 

4×10 Barbell Front Raises 

Superset 4×10 plate raises

4×10 Rear Delt Flies 

Superset 4×8 Incline Front Raises

3×10-12 Trap pulls 

How’d you start off your workouts this week?

Talk soon!