#WorkoutWednesday: Snowy Blues At Home Full Body Circuit

Happy Wednesday All! Sometimes, it's too cold to walk or get motivated to go to the gym! Fear not! This is an equipment free full-body circuit you can do to get in a quick workout at home. Check it out below: 5 Minutes - Stretch/Warm-up Circuit - Complete 4 Rounds  20 Squat to Oblique Crunches … Continue reading #WorkoutWednesday: Snowy Blues At Home Full Body Circuit

#MotivationMonday: 12 Days of Fitmas Challenge

Happy Monday All! With the 12 days of Christmas approaching quickly, I wanted to challenge myself (and you if you'd like!) to complete a circuit before bed every night.  Are you up for it? Check it out below:  On the first day of Christmas, my trainer gave to me...a one and a half minute plank. On … Continue reading #MotivationMonday: 12 Days of Fitmas Challenge

#WorkoutWednesday: Killer Shoulder Workout

Happy Wednesday All! I started off this week with a killer shoulder workout! Check it out below: 4x8-12 Military Presses (increasing weight) 4x12 Seated Lateral Raises  4x10 Barbell Front Raises  Superset 4x10 plate raises 4x10 Rear Delt Flies  Superset 4x8 Incline Front Raises 3x10-12 Trap pulls  How'd you start off your workouts this week? Talk … Continue reading #WorkoutWednesday: Killer Shoulder Workout

#WorkoutWednesday: Progressive Treadmill Run

Happy Wednesday All! Looking to burn some calories before turkey day next week? Try this progressive treadmill run for your next cardio session! Warmup: Walk for 5 minutes The Workout: Increase your running speed every 5 minutes.  At the same time, decrease the incline you are running at. Complete one round for a total of … Continue reading #WorkoutWednesday: Progressive Treadmill Run

#WorkoutWednesday: Leg Day

Happy Halloween All! To celebrate the holiday (and hump day!), I thought I would share another leg day. Check it out below! 4x10 Wide Stance (Toes Out) Back Squat Superset: 4x20 Banded Squatted Toe Taps 4x12 RDLS Superset: 4x10 Plate Wide Stance (Toes Out) Squat   4x10 Dumbell Reverse Lunge Superset: 4x10 Bulgarian Split Squat … Continue reading #WorkoutWednesday: Leg Day

#WarmupWednesday: Prepping the Shoulders

Happy Wednesday All! I previously posted my first #WarmupWednesday demonstrating how I warm-up for leg day. Shoulders is another muscle group I always warm-up before jumping into my working sets. I started doing a shoulder warm up after my shoulder injury two years ago. Plus, it gives you time to mentally prep to have a great … Continue reading #WarmupWednesday: Prepping the Shoulders

#Workout Wednesday: Stair Intervals

Happy Wednesday All! I figured I would switch it up and squeeze in a quick 30 minute interval training session (on the stairmaster stepmill) between my classes instead of going for a run. Here's what you do: 5 minute warm-up (easy level) 2 minutes on, 3 minutes off (4 Rounds Total) The 2 minute period … Continue reading #Workout Wednesday: Stair Intervals