#WorkoutWednesday: EMOM Workout

Happy Wednesday All!

Lately, I have been adding more cardio into my routine to try and lean out for graduation! However, some days, I do NOT want to get on the treadmill or stair master.

Rather than force myself to do an unappealing cardio session, I have opted in for EMOM workouts, or every minute on the minute. Basically, I pick between five and seven exercises. Then, I pick a number of reps of each exercise and number of sets I will complete. The catch to this type of workout is  I have to complete these reps within  a minute. If you finish earlier than the allotted minute, that’s okay! That is your rest period. As soon as minute 2 occurs, you have to start the next exercise. For example:

Time            What You Do

0:00 – 0:30: First Exercise

0:30-1:00: Rest

1:00 – 1:40: Second Exercise

1:40- 2:00: Rest

2:00-2:20: Third Exercise

2:20-3:00: Rest

3:00-3:50: Fourth Exercise

3:50-4:00: Rest

4:00-4:35 Fifth Exercise

…..And so on.

This is the workout I am doing today. Try it out!

Complete 5 Rounds

10 Pop Squats

15 Lateral Raises

20 Plank Shoulder Taps

12 Unliateral Shoulder Press with Reverse Lunge

20 Bicycle Crunches

10 Push Ups

How do you switch up your cardio regimen?

Talk soon!

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 10.52.50 PM

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