#MotivationMonday: February Favorites

Happy Monday All!

Can you believe this is the last Monday of February? I honestly don’t know where the past 24 days went. I suppose taking exams has a way of blending time together! With the end of February approaching, I thought I would share my favorite things from this past month!

Blue Light Glasses


I asked for these this past Christmas because I spend the majority of my time looking at either a phone or a computer screen. Whether I am reading research articles for school, watching Netflix, answering emails, or simply writing a blog, I can’t escape from the blue light! Plus, I noticed I started squinting at the end of the day.

After talking to a few friends who owned a pair of blue light glasses, I was determined to get my hands on a pair! Now, I wear them to do homework and to work (I’m a medical scribe!). Since I started wearing them, I noticed I squint less. A few of my friends also bought them to help with headaches, and they experienced beneficial results, too. If you look at computer all day, I would highly recommend investing in a pair!

Adidas Ultraboost Shoes


I have wanted a pair of these shoes FOREVER. Typically, I only wear Nike, but I had to step outside my comfort zone after seeing and hearing all of the recommendations about these shoes. I’ve had them for about a month now and really love running in them. They are super comfortable, and after my run, I can go to the weight room without feeling “unfashionable” because I have running shoes on! Check these shoes out if you get a chance!

Nike Pro Leggings


My grandma bought me these leggings for Christmas, and I really love the way they make my legs look. I am also obsessed with the wine color because it’s not neutral (I wear mostly blacks and greys) but not a “look-at-me” type of color either. I have a pair of obnoxious green leggings, and they sit in my draw sadly!

Erasable Pens


While these have been around for a while, I have never actually purchased erasable pens. However, after my lab partner and I messed up 3 pages of calculations on a worksheet a couple of Mondays ago, I figured it was VERY necessary to purchase some! I will say they don’t write as nice as my others pens, but they are GREAT for calculations or short answer response because they don’t require perfection!

Do you have any February favorites? I’d love to hear them!

Talk soon!

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 10.52.50 PM


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