#WorkoutWednesday: Leg Day (Superset Style)

Happy Wednesday All!

It’s that time of the week again: LEG DAY! I have recently been super-setting weighted exercises with bodyweight exercises to keep the intensity up, and I am loving it! Check it out below:

  • 3×12 Weighted Barbell Pause Squats
    • S.S. 3×15 Bodyweight wide stand squats (squeeze the glutes at the top!)
  • 3×15 Heavy RDLS
    • S.S. 3×20 Weighted Dumbbell Calf Raises
  • 3×10 Curtsey Lunges
    • S.S. 3×10 Reverse Lunge Pulses (10 reps each side)
  • 3×15 Lying Hamstring Curls
    • S.S. 3×15 Quad Extensions
  • 3×12 Weighted Hip Abductors
    • S.S. 3×12 Weighted Hip Adductors

Are you trying anything new in the gym?

Talk soon!

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 10.52.50 PM


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