#WorkoutWednesday: Push

Happy Wednesday All!

To kick off #workoutwednesday this week, I wanted to share a push workout! When I first started lifting, I loved lifting legs. Chest was just something I did apart of my routine. However, now that I have a solid foundation in terms of my shoulders and chest, push is one of my favorite days!

Lifting heavy on chest day is empowering. Plain and simple. I truly believe that having strong shoulders is the only way I have been able to make so much progress this past year benching. Because shoulders and chest go hand-and-hand, I now lift these two muscle groups together in addition to a day solely devoted to shoulders every week! Enough with the chit, chat! Check out my workout below!

3×12, 10, 8 Flat Bench [Increasing Weight]

4×10 Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

3×12 Flat Chest Flies

3×8 Bodyweight Dips

3×10 Seated Shoulder Dumbbell Press

3×12 Lateral Raises

3×10 Plate Front Raises

3×10 Rear Delt Dumbell Raises

3×15 Cable Tricep Pushdowns

What’s your favorite day in the gym?

Talk soon!

AB Fitness

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