#FoodieFriday: Safeway Grocery Haul


Happy Friday All!

Rather than post recipe, I wanted to share what I typically buy at the grocery store to set myself up for a successful week! I usually shop at Safeway because it is one of the grocery stores my family used growing up. I am familiar with the brands and food sections, so it makes the trip quick and efficient!




Ground beef has been a staple in my diet the past few weeks! I experienced about a month of chicken that had a weird texture. Needless to say, I have been rotating between the 93% Lean Ground Beef and ground turkey! I also picked up some crack black paper turkey breast for my bento boxed lunches this week.



Rice cakes and some type of protein bar is usually on my weekly grocery list. One Bars were on sale this week, so I decided to try a few. I use rice cakes as a carb source for my bento box. My favorite flavors are either caramel or chocolate.  Finally, I picked up cereal, apple chips, and fig bars for carb sources and to fix my sweet tooth at night!



For produce, I picked up fruits and veggies. I have really been enjoying strawberries lately. They are great for a dessert or to pack for lunch. I also wanted to incorporate sweet peppers in my lunch this week. Finally, I grabbed carrot veggie spirals and sweat potatoes for dinner.

Odds and Ends


I picked up some green beans for dinner, soup to substitute for lunch, egg whites for my oatmeal, and cheese sticks for a quick snack. Oh yes! is my favorite brand of soup by far. I highly recommend!

And thats it!

What are you grocery store favorites?

Talk soon!

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 10.52.50 PM

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