#WorkoutWednesday: Killer Shoulder Workout

Happy Wednesday All! I started off this week with a killer shoulder workout! Check it out below: 4x8-12 Military Presses (increasing weight) 4x12 Seated Lateral Raises  4x10 Barbell Front Raises  Superset 4x10 plate raises 4x10 Rear Delt Flies  Superset 4x8 Incline Front Raises 3x10-12 Trap pulls  How'd you start off your workouts this week? Talk … Continue reading #WorkoutWednesday: Killer Shoulder Workout

#MotivationMonday: Thankful & Blessed

Happy Monday All! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with your loved ones! Being a student, I took Tuesday through Sunday off for the holiday, and I feel super refreshed! I merely focused on those around me and enjoyed the company, drinks, and food. I think it is important to take a step back, … Continue reading #MotivationMonday: Thankful & Blessed

#WorkoutWednesday: Progressive Treadmill Run

Happy Wednesday All! Looking to burn some calories before turkey day next week? Try this progressive treadmill run for your next cardio session! Warmup: Walk for 5 minutes The Workout: Increase your running speed every 5 minutes.  At the same time, decrease the incline you are running at. Complete one round for a total of … Continue reading #WorkoutWednesday: Progressive Treadmill Run

#MotivationMonday: My Favorite Youtube Channels

Happy Monday All! During my first year in college, I started following a few fitness public figures on Youtube. I still follow these same channels now (with a few new!), and I love trying out their workouts and food recipes! Youtube gives these athletes a more humanized form versus the edited pictures you may see … Continue reading #MotivationMonday: My Favorite Youtube Channels