#Workout Wednesday: Stair Intervals

Happy Wednesday All! I figured I would switch it up and squeeze in a quick 30 minute interval training session (on the stairmaster stepmill) between my classes instead of going for a run. Here's what you do: 5 minute warm-up (easy level) 2 minutes on, 3 minutes off (4 Rounds Total) The 2 minute period … Continue reading #Workout Wednesday: Stair Intervals

#WorkoutWednesday: Glutes and Hammies

It's Hump Day, and what's better than sharing a glute and hamstring focused leg day to celebrate? Warm Up: 3x20 Hip Abductors 4x8-10 Sumo Deadlifts 4x12-15 Weighted Glute Bridge Superset 4x10 Unweighted Glut Bridge               Not Shown: 3x12-15 unilateral hamstring curls 3x12 Hack Squat 3x10 Smith Machine Reverse Lunge … Continue reading #WorkoutWednesday: Glutes and Hammies

#FoodieFriday – Breakfast Style

Happy Friday All! Getting back into the grind of healthy eating can be challenging, especially after Labor Day barbecues and birthday dinners. I've noticed that starting the morning off with a higher protein, higher fat meal sets me up for a successful day. What I use: 2 whole eggs* 1 Thompson's English Muffin 1 slice … Continue reading #FoodieFriday – Breakfast Style

#WorkoutWednesday — Boulder Shoulders

Happy Wednesday All! This week, I wanted to share a shoulder workout! I have been trying to grow my shoulders this past year, and my strength has been up! Try it out and see what you think! 3-5x8-10 Seated Military Press (Increasing Weight) 4x12 Arnold Press 3x10 Lateral Raise Superset: 3x10 1/2 Lateral Raise Reps … Continue reading #WorkoutWednesday — Boulder Shoulders